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Dealing with Mold

Posted on 3:42 pm by IRCS

When dealing with water damage in your home, or any other structure, mold should always be a consideration.  The general rule of thumb is that mold spores begin to form when water sits, untreated, for 48 hours.  In any type of water loss, your first move should be to immediately contact a licensed company that performs water damage restoration.

Any type of event with water damage often times leaves us feeling helpless; and with many questions.  This is where a licensed water restoration firm will help to ease your concerns.  If mold has begun to grow, it is essential to deal with it in the proper manner.  This means hiring a certified mold remediation specialist.  Many restoration companies that deal with water mitigation also perform mold remediation.

Contacting a restoration specialist immediately upon discovering the damage will allow for proper structural drying and dehumidification that is vital in helping reduce the chances of mold forming.  If mold is found, your water restoration company should inform the homeowner or property manager so that a remediation plan can be implemented immediately.  Always be sure to use a licensed firm!

A variety of different mold types can form as a result of untreated water damage.  Exposure to mold can lead to respiratory problem, flu-like symptoms, eye and skin irritation, and allergic reactions.  It is important to not attempt to treat mold on your own.  There are proper and specific steps that must be taken to eliminate mold.  

So remember, always contact a licensed restoration company immediately upon discovering water damage.  If mold is determined to be present, make sure you, or your restoration company, are working with a licensed firm to eliminate the mold.  And lastly, be aware of the dangers of exposure to mold for you and your pets.

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