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Do You Have a Flooded Basement in Noblesville?

Posted on 9:13 pm by indiana_restoration

If you have a flooded basement in the Noblesville or surrounding areas, you need a company that you can trust to clean it up and restore your home to its original condition.

You have a choice in the vendor you choose. Call Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services. We can work with your insurance company!

Most companies that say they are “experts” are really not prepared to look after all of your needs in a water damage emergency. Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services is a full service restoration contractor that can take your project from start to finish and has over 20 years of experience.

It is important to act fast when you have a water emergency. At Indiana Restoration and Cleaning we can respond to you 24 hours a day. – 317-776-9942

Water damage in your home can come from a variety of other sources as well. In Indiana, we often think about sump pump failures and a flooded basement. However, water damage from other sources can potentially be just as devastating. Broken pipes, leaking refrigerators / icemakers, frozen spigots, washing machine hoses, sewage backups, roof leaks and ice dams can all cause significant damage to the inside of your home. In most of these situations, it is important to rely on a professional in the field to protect the integrity and security of your investment. Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services has certified water damage specialists that can thoroughly inspect your property and work with your insurance company to ensure your home is properly dried.

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