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Effective Ways to Prevent Water Damage in Your Basement

Posted on 12:13 am by IRCS

Carrying out a professional wet basement cleanup is the first step required to remove any existing water damage in your home and basement.

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The next step – prevent further water damage from occurring. This will not only result in a clean and dry basement, but also reduce the need for frequent basement repairs and cleaning services in the future. [ To learn how quickly water damage can happen click here ]

Outlined below are some of the most effective ways of keeping your basement dry:

Vapor Barrier installed by Indianna Restoration

  1. Reduce the humidity level in your basement: If you don’t have a dryer vent or dehumidifier get one installed by a professional. If you have an existing dryer vent or dehumidifier – ensure it isn’t leaking, as this may be the source of humid air in your basement.
  2. Insulation: Installing foam insulation in cold surfaces is a simple and effective way to reduce condensation from cold pipes and basement walls. If you don’t have a finished basement and only have a crawlspace – consider installing a vaopr barrier. This will keep your basement moisture free.
  3. Redirect water away from your home foundation: Add landscape features (such as gravel slopes, or downspout extensions) that funnel water at least 6 ft. away from your basement foundations and wall.
  4. Additional drainage options: If redirecting water away from your property isn’t enough to keep your property dry, install a channeling system (via a sump pump), a French drain, or install drainage tubing to permanently fix serious basement leakages.
  5. Waterproof the building: Hire a professional water damage repairs and restoration company to waterproof your basement wall; i.e., plug holes and cracks in the foundation, coat the basement walls with masonry waterproofing.

For effective, long term protection from water damage in your basement, talk to Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services.

Call us at 317-776-9942 for more information. We offer professional and permanent wet basement cleanup solutions for your residential or commercial property.

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