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Repairing Flood and Water Damage

Posted on 8:20 pm by IRCS

Ensure You Check For All The Different Types of Water Damage

flooding around home in IndianapolisWhen extreme weather events such as floods, storms and hurricanes occur, your home is at high risk of flood and water damage. 

There are three main types of water damage you may experience after an extreme weather event, with each having a different degree of severity and each requiring a different water damage cleanup and restoration process:

  • Clean water damage: This water is not contaminated and is safe to work with. For example, rain water from a leaky roof, or a burst pipe in your kitchen sink.
  • Gray water damage: Semi-contaminated, and therefore can be dangerous to try and remove on your own. Any water that has been ‘used’ is considered gray water, for example water from a washing machine. Clean water becomes ‘gray’ if it is left exposed for too long. 
  • Black water damage: As the name suggests, this is the most dangerous and hazardous of the three types and you should avoid cleaning it on your own at all costs. Black water contains toxic materials such as pesticides, chemicals, bacterial diseases, etc. – and often results after serious weather events or sewage damage. If you see signs of ‘black’ water, it’s important you call a qualified professional to carry out a water damage cleanup and restoration service immediately.

When a flood or rainstorm occurs, it’s important you hire a professional flood and water damage restoration company to do a complete inspection and evaluation of your home.

For licensed and insured contractors to handle your flood and water damage repairs, contact Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services at 317-776-9942.

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