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How quickly does water damage happen?

Coming home to a flooded basement is an obvious decision – call in the experts to extract the water, clean up the mess and repair any water damage that happened as a result of the flood. But what about that slow leak or chronic moisture problem in the basement? Procrastinating or deciding you can’t afford to address that slow leaky pipe, moisture in the basement or leak in the ceiling can be a bad and costly decision.

Here’s How Quickly Water Damage Happens…

Within Minutes: water-stained-carpet-s

  • Water contamination spreads to unaffected areas
  • Moisture sensitive surfaces swell and disfigure
  • Furniture stains appear on carpeting and can be permanent
  • Paper goods and records are ruined
  • Rust stains appear on carpeting and other surfaces
  • Drapery fabrics that contact water may develop permanent watermarks.


Within Hours: waterstained-hardwood-floor

  • Pre-existing moisture related problems are activated
  • Drywall softens and warps
  • Cellulosice browning may occur on natural fabrics
  • Foam cushion (carpet pad) can begin to disintegrate
  • Bacterial odor problems begin to develop
  • Wood furniture & floors, in contact with water, can become permanently ruined.


Within Days:

  • Mildew and biological growth happens, odors begin to permeate the structure
  • With Mold allergies and asthma can be aggravated.
  • Wood floors are warped and ruined
  • Woven carpet installations could shrink
  • Delamination of tufted carpet is possible
  • Vinyl floor coverings can permanently discolor, adhesives can break down


Within Weeks:water-damaged-ceiling

• Structural integrity of interior wall members, sub-floors, and ceiling
installations can be permanently damaged.
• Mildew can permanently stain/damage natural materials
• Serious health hazards to occupants of buildings have developed.
As you can see – EVERY MINUTE Counts!

Call the certified Noblesville experts at Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services as soon as water damage occurs. We guarantee to take care of your needs, quickly and corretly. We service Indianapolis and central Indianna. Talk to us about  our “Scheduled Cleaning Program” for discounts up to 40% off.” 

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