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Commercial Water Damage Repair and Restoration in central Indiana

Can any carpet cleaning or disaster restoration company do commercial water damage repair?

Indiana Restoration's inventory of water removal and drying equipmentThe answer is NO!

First of all, commercial properties generally have many more safety and hazard risks than general residential. Additionally, commercial properties require more sophisticated inspection and project management techniques as well as a wide array of drying and testing equipment.

Noblesville based Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services have been restoring commercial properties to their original condition since 1989!

If you’re a property manager in central Indianapolis and if you are in need of professional immediate Commercial Water Damage Restoration – call the experts at Indiana Restoration at  317-776-9942 !

Commercial Water Damage Repair and Cleanup – Restoration and Extraction Specialists

Water damage can happen at any time to any building structure, regardless of the amount of water involved. It’s important to act quickly to extract any excessive moisture to prevent widespread saturation and further, more extensive water damage from occurring.

Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services specializes in commercial water damage repair.

  •  Our IICRC certified specialists first carry out a thorough on-site inspection and evaluation to establish a drying and water extraction plan to meet the needs of the water damage cleanup and repairs required on your commercial property.
  • An Indiana Restoration specialist will then develop and set up a customized water damage repair, extraction and drying process by:
    • First identifying the affected areas. Using advanced equipment including moisture meters and thermo-hygrometers we are able to scan the entire property to clearly establish where and how much water damage has occurred.
    • The next step is to identify the category type and class (or extent) of water damage in each affected area. The water damage sustained can be classified as clean, gray or black water, and can further be separated into 4 different classes – with each requiring a separate, professional water damage repair and cleanup process.
  • Once the plan is in place, we then install an extensive water extraction system to completely remove moisture from the entire property:
    • Water extraction: where all standing water on your commercial property is removed—we will take care of carpet water extraction, structural drying, building material removal and reconstruction.
    • Stabilization of the environment: to reduce secondary water damage and any remaining moisture is extracted using dry down methods such as large air dehumidifiers and air movers. Fresh, dry air is also blown back into the structure to further stabilize and dry the air. This cleans up the previously moist, damp environment and helps ensure there is absolutely no excess moisture in the air.
    • After your premises are completely dry, we safely monitor the environment and underlying structure to ensure your commercial property is fully restored to its original condition quickly and effectively.

At Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services, our team of certified IICRC technicians offers professional and immediate service for commercial water damage repair. We provide a comprehensive and customized disaster restoration, extraction and water repairs service.

see video below for an example of one of our commercial projects;


Indiana restoration is availabe for fire damage restoration services 24/7


If you are a property manager looking for professional and immediate commercial water damage repair services in Central Indiana, call Indiana Restoration at 317-776-9942 today.

Comprehensive Care and Immediate Response – from Indiana’s Leading Commercial Water Damage Repair Company

Due to their size, infrastructure and strict building safety standards, commercial properties require more intensive inspection and sophisticated techniques to ensure the property is completely restored to its original condition following water damage.
The commercial water damage repair, restoration and extraction specialists at Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services are:

  • Professionally certified under Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) for commercial water damage repairs and restoration
  • Fully trained and qualified to handle the advanced safety standards and hazard risks associated with commercial water damage repair projects

If you’re looking for specialized, immediate service for your commercial water damage repair project and want to get your business back up and running as soon as possible – contact the experts at Indiana Restoration. For 24/7 emergency response services, call us at 317-776-9942.


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