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Professional Fire and Water Damage Cleanup and Repair

Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services, located in Noblesville IN, is professionally certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) to provide comprehensive emergency and long term disaster restoration services.

water damageUnfortunately,  fire and flood damage often go together. If a fire starts in your home or office, you must quickly determine the following:

 – Is the fire contained to a small area without high risk of spreading?
 – Do I have a fire extinguisher closeby and do I know how to use it?

If the answer to both these questions are yes, then you will probaly not experience a great deal of fire or water damage. Once however, the fire spreads and requires the services of your fire department and high pressure hoses – you have potential water damage as well fire damage that will need to be cleaned up and repaired.

For more information read Water Damage – How quickly can it happen?

When a devastating event such as a home fire happens, it’s best to have a company that can take care of your restoration project from beginning to end. Indiana Restoration has been serving central Indiana since 1989 and offers comprehensive fire and water damage repair and renovation services to restore your property to its original, pre-loss condition.

With our skills and expertise in complete fire and water damage repair and cleanup, we:

  • Deal with your insurance company directly: We are an approved and certified fire and water damage restoration company . This means our work is quality assured and recognized by the insurance industry. We are able to assist in processing your claims and navigating the complex insurance procedures.
  • Ensure that the fire and water damage repair work is done properly: A professional and experienced fire and water restoration company understands that disaster restoration is an extensive process. Besides the obvious damage done, we look for and take care of any hidden threats to the structural integrity and safety of the building.
  •  Help prevent future expenses: Our expert staff and personnel do a thorough job to completely restore your property to its pre-loss condition. With the right training, skills and expertise, we are able to ensure the job is done right the first time and thus help you avoid potential remediation expenses in the future.
  • We are a licensed general contractor which means that we can take care of your project, from beginning to end: From immediate 24/7 emergency services to long term structural and damage reconstruction, Indiana Restoration has the experience and qualifications for comprehensive fire and water damage repair. From trauma and biohazard cleanup, to drying out your carpet and walls, and cleaning smoke damage, fallen trees, broken roofs – we can take care of your fire and water damage problems, no matter how serious or small they are.

To have your fire and water damage repair and restoration project proficiently handled from beginning to end, talk to the professionals at Indiana Restoration. For 24/7 emergency services, call us at 317-776-9942.

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