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Why do I have a Wet, Musty Basement?

Posted on 8:31 pm by IRCS

water in basement

If you have a basement that is wet and/or musty – you will most likely need the advice or services of a professional such as a water damage restoration company that can find the source of the problem and fix it properly.

Because your basement is built into the ground, it is always at risk of being wet. First of all, your basement is the lowest point in your home, and thus the first to be affected by floods, storms and excess ground water. Secondly, when excess surface water is not drained and removed effectively by a sump pump, for example, then  you will end up with  moisture, dampness and most likely mold in your basement.

There are a few reasons other reasons why you may have a wet basement:

  • If surface and sub-surface water runoff and seepage from the surrounding area drains towards your house instead of away from it. If surface water is constantly directed to a building’s foundation wall and your basement is not sufficiently waterproofed, it will lead to water damage in the underlying structure and result in a wet basement. 
  • You have a poorly installed plumbing and drainage system. This can cause leaks and clogging – resulting in ground water buildup and seepage into your basement and foundation walls. 
  • Condensation often results due to poor circulation and high humidity. If you don’t have proper ventilation and dehumidification systems installed in your home, it can result in excessive moisture buildup in your basement. 

If not properly treated, a wet basement can become the cause of serious water damage, expensive repairs and a black mold infestation which can cause a serious unhealthy living environment. Talk to Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services about effective solutions to remove and prevent water damage with a thorough basement cleanup.

Call us at 317-776-9942 for more information. We offer professional basement repair and restoration starting with a thorough wet basement cleanup at your home or business premises.

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