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When to call in the professionals for water damage cleanup

Posted on 12:21 am by IRCS

Professional Water Damage Cleanup Prevents Mold Infestation

mold due to hidden water damageWhen it comes to water damage in your home, it’s the water you don’t see that often causes the most damage. This type of unseen water damage often manifests itself  later on in the way of extensive mold growth and infestation – which is not only harmful to you and your family’s health, but can also result in structural damage to your home.

It’s important to contact a professional water damage cleanup and restoration company if you see the following signs of water damage that can cause mold infestation:

  • Excessive humidity or condensation, leaking pipes, roof leakages, poor ventilation, flooding, damp basements, water damage in your home’s underlying foundation
  • Rotting or warped wood, damp carpets, rusting metal, de-laminating of materials such as plywood

(for more information on how quickly water damage happens and what it does click here )

A professional water damage restoration company has the right tools and equipment to:

  • Identify any potential water damage in your home
  • Determine the extent and type of water damage

The type of water damage threatening your home affects its vulnerability to mold growth and infestation. For example, water that has been standing for more than 48 hours is dangerous as it provides ideal conditions for mold growth. To prevent mold growth and infestation, the first step is to completely remove all existing water damage – both seen and unseen.

For more information on how we can help you protect your home and business from water damage and mold growth, contact Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services. Call us at 317-776-9942 for professional, immediate water damage cleanup and restoration in Indianapolis, Avon, Noblesville and the Central Indiana area.

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