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Expert carpet cleaning in Noblesville and Central Indiana

Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services proudly provides Carpet cleaning services to the central Indiana areas.
The experts at Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services are highly trained to provide the best carpet cleaning methods for your carpets.

Providing Quality and expert carpet cleaning in Indiana:

PROVIDING EXPERT & QUALITY SERVICE to both residential and commercial carpet cleaning, we provide the following cleaning services:

  • Pre-Cleaning
  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Grooming

All carpets are pre-vacuumed prior to cleaning, which is a value add for you. While most carpet cleaning companies do not do this, we understand that it is essential to doing the job RIGHT!

Our experts can utilize hot water extraction (steam cleaning), steam extraction and even bonnet cleaning should it be needed. We have truck mounted systems and portable systems that can be used in a variety of applications. There are also a wide variety of specialized chemicals available to our trained technicians to treat tough stains and various types of stubborn soils.

Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services carpet cleaning experts utilize a “speed dry” system to dry your carpets fast.

Carpet grooming is essential to the carpet cleaning process because it assists in the proper distribution of any post cleaning protector applications, opens and lifts crushed yarn and simultaneously loosens and lifts deeply embedded soil particles for efficient extraction and cleaning. In addition, it maximizes the appearance to give your flooring a newly cleaned look.

Our cleaning services include vacuuming, detergent, cleaning and grooming.  We have add-on options for large spot and stain treatments, carpet protector coatings, and furniture moving.

We also clean ceramic tile, area rugs and upholstery.

Many of our customers call us time and time again. That’s why our carpet cleaning services are customized for your needs!  Hear what one customer has to say….

Part of a positive and healthy work environment is the cleanliness of a building. All too often people overlook the importance of having clean carpets and a healthy building for their customers and employees. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services & Cleaning Services, Inc. specializes in taking care of your property and keeping your carpet looking great. An investment in carpet cleaning is an investment in the life expectancy of the carpet. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services & Cleaning Services, Inc. will work with you to understand your priorities and meet your cleaning needs.

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Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, recommends having your carpets cleaned every 12-18 months depending on the number of residents in a home, and the type of activity the carpet receives. Additionally, Shaw recommends that hot water extraction cleaning (also called “steam cleaning”) be used to clean carpets because it provides the only true deep fiber cleaning. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services employ the best hot water extraction equipment in the industry combined with certified technicians to give you the cleaning recommended by the major carpet manufacturers.

Let Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services be your floor and furniture care specialists.

You can count of Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services!

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With carpet cleaning in Indiana, we can usually determine enough information over the phone to give you an accurate price quote. We pride ourselves in our quoting process and 99% of the time, what we quote is what you pay.

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