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Fire Restoration in homes: The steps involved in rebuilding

Posted on 10:06 am by IRCS

After a fire there are certain things that can have a significant effect and must be done as soon as possible and more importantly in the right way. Acting swiftly after a fire is the first step in protecting your home form any further property damage.

At Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services we have a 24/7 Fire damage restoration services to ensure we can get to work as soon as a fire is contained. Here is a flow of what needs to be done to aid effective restoration.

First Response:
Boarding up windows and door is the first response once the fire is contained. This acts as a temporary restraint to prevent additional damage. This can be considered as the blue print phase as it gives precious time to assess the damage and take remedial action.

Protect Yourself From Debris and Residue:
After the boarding up, the other risk is from the debris of the building structure. It’s best to wait for professional help to arrive and assess the structure and clear out the debris. The structure may be still compromised or weakened due to the fire. Don’t put yourself at risk.

Immediate Repairs:
After emergency protocols are implemented and it’s safe, the restoration begins. After the property is secured, which includes covering your roof, attention is diverted to components that are intact and only need minor attention that can be taken care of immediately.

Content restoration:
Personal belongings and components that have been damaged or contaminated by smoke or soot will be cleaned, deodorized on-site or if necessary off-site. Read more about restoration at

Rebuilding & Repair phase:
Based on the damage techniques such as structural dying, cleaning and rebuilding is carried out. Here the focus is on walls, floors and others systems and to get it done quickly to get you back into your home.

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