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Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services provides remediation and mold removal in Indiana to both Residential and Commercial properties in the central Indiana area.

Mold is usually caused by excessive humidity and moisture | Indiana Restoration & Cleaning ServicesMold in an indoor environment is typically caused by excessive moisture or humidity. While there is some degree of mold in every home, excessive amount or certain types of mold can be problematic for the residents and in some cases, cause or aggravate health conditions. It is important to rely on indoor air quality professionals to address mold problems in a timely and effective manner. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services have trained professionals on staff that work with you to address indoor air quality and mold remediation.

Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services follows standards for mold remediation in Indiana as set forth by the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification’s (IICRC) S-520 Mold Remediation Standard.

Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services Mold Removal Services

  • Contaminate Removal
  • Cleaning Deoderization
  • Structural Drying
  • Dust/Hvac Cleaning
  • Contents Restoration
  • Structural Repair and Rebuild

Contaminate Removal

For effective mold remediation to take place the source of contamination needs to be removed, otherwise the mold will simply return. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services have trained professionals on staff that can remove contaminated building materials under the proper conditions to avoid cross contamination of other areas.

Cleaning and Deodorization

Proper remediation of contaminated structures relies heavily on proper cleaning techniques and tools, as well as the responsible use of antimicrobial chemicals. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services have successfully cleared hundreds of mold remediation projects utilizing industry recognized cleaning techniques.

Structural Drying

The presence of mold contamination is typically due to excessive moisture or humidity. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services has the expertise, experience and tools to thoroughly dry the damaged structure and eliminate the moisture that caused the mold and indoor air quality issues.

Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services provides mold removal and duct cleaningDuct/HVAC System Cleaning

In some cases, mold can get into the duct work and ventilation systems. In these cases proper remediation also involves the cleaning of the heating and ventilation system to ensure that breathable air is free of contaminants and microbial organisms. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services Services has trained duct cleaning and HVAC system cleaning resources available to meet the needs of all projects, large or small.

Contents Restoration

When people think of mold they think of walls, basements and bathrooms. However, mold can contaminate your possessions just as easily. Given the right humidity or moisture conditions, mold spores will feed on any organic materials including upholstery, drapes, and books – even clothes. If you’ve had water damage in your home and suspect that your property contents and possessions are infested with mold, you should call Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services for more information or to see up a consultation.

Contents cleaning and restoration is a vital part of ensuring appropriate indoor air quality in your home of business.

Repair and Rebuild

In some cases, mold contamination in the home can cause significant structural damage to drywall, floors and even mechanical systems in the home. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services is a full service restoration contractor and we can repair your home from a mold contamination to its pre-loss condition. We have the experience and knowledge in working with your insurance company to ensure your investment is restored with top quality materials and craftsmanship.

Call Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services – Your Indoor Air Quality Professionals !

Depending on the degree of mold contamination, Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services strongly recommends the use of indoor air quality professionals to assess and test environments for excessive or certain types of mold. This is the safest way to protect the property and the inhabitants. In some instances, the added expertise of an Indoor Air Quality Hygienist may be required to ensure that your home has been successfully remediated.

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