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Trauma and Bio Cleanup in Indiana by Experts

We provide Bio Cleanup in Indiana to both Residential and Commercial.

Emergency trauma cleanup is always a very delicate situation. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to take proper care and concern regarding the emotional state of our customers while extending the same in our cleaning process.

Blood Cleanup

Blood and bodily fluid cleanup should be left to professionals. There are
many precautions that should be taken when dealing with blood and bodily fluids. Indiana
Restoration and Cleaning Services has trained personnel with the proper equipment and
training to clean and restore affected areas as if nothing ever happened.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Whether it is personal injury, vandalism or property damage we can help with your on scene cleanup. Some incidents affect only a small area in your home while others affect large work areas or public property and require quick professional response. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services are ready to assist in throughout the entire process from cleanup to restoring the scene to its original condition.

grafetti-rermovalGraffiti Removal

Graffiti is not only unsightly; most local governments require that it be addressed in a timely manner. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services have a wealth of experience in graffiti removal service – from the smallest residential areas to the largest commercial buildings. Call Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services for graffiti removal from brick, stone, concrete, aluminum siding, utility boxes and poles, street signs, bus shelters, pavement, wood, and glass.

Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services – Your crime scene removal experts

Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services will restore your crime scene or accident scene to its original condition.

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