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Storm Damage Restoration in Indiana Since 1989

Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services provides storm damage repairs and reconstruction services to both Residential and Commercial properties in the central Indiana area.

After the big storm that brings wind and hail damage to your home or business, you need to call a company that can respond quickly and can return you to your home or your business to full operations as quickly as possible. It’s also important to hire a company  that you can trust. At Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services, we have been serving central Indiana since 1989 and have extensive experience and knowledge on the appropriate steps to repair your home or commercial property damaged by storms, wind or hail.

Storm Damage Restoration in Central Indiana

Board Up / Debris Removal / Temporary Repairs
Wind and hail storms often cause damage that needs immediate attention. If you have a broken window or leaking roof, our experts will make the necessary temporary repairs to prevent further damage to your home. We will even clean up and remove the debris from your lawn or driveway to ensure the safety of your family and any visitors.

Fallen tree caused by wind stormTree removal
In the event that a strong storm topples trees on or around your home, Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services can provide tree removal services. Even if a tree has not completely fallen, it still may pose a danger to your home. In that situation, Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services can remove the tree quickly to prevent any potential damage to your home, barn, garage or other structures.

Trees and other debris from strong storms can cause significant damage to your home’s roof. An Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services estimator will perform an inspection and advise you of the scope of damages and a plan for addressing any necessary repairs. In addition, we will work with your insurance company to coordinate the claims process to make the repair as worry free as possible.

Storms can severely damage your home’s siding, or even remove portions of it. Our experts will consult with you for the needed repairs. In many cases, materials can be purchased to match your existing siding or Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services will work with you insurance company for the best possible solution.

In the event that a storm causes damage to your home’s windows, Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services can replace the damaged glass panes, order new screens or even provide complete replacement windows to restore your home to its pre-loss condition.

Structural Drying
Wind and hail storms are typically accompanied by rain, and sometimes a lot of it! If your home has been damaged by wind or hail, Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services will inspect your property for excessive moisture to ensure there are no potential long-term effects from a damaging storm. Learn more about our water damage services

Repair and Rebuild
Regardless of the scope of damage to your home due to a wind or hail storm, Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services can provide the necessary expertise to repair or rebuild your home. From a complete replacement of the largest roof all the way to the smallest ridge vent replacement/repair, siding replacement/repair, and window replacement/repair – we can provide the necessary construction expertise to restore your home to its prior condition. Read more about our storm damage repairs services



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