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The Four Essential Steps for a Proper Carpet Cleaning

Posted on 4:11 am by IRCS

People generally don’t go in for sprucing up their floor rugs very often. This is only done when there are some serious soil particles embedded in the flooring, or when dust allergies crop up. So it is imperative that the job is done right with a four step program whenever it is undertaken.

1.    Vacuuming Beforehand

Right before they are spruced up, the carpets need to be pre-vacuumed. There are very few cleaning services in Indiana that actually do this, so hang on to the ones that do!

2.    Steaming

One of the most efficient ways to rid your rugs of the accumulated grime is to undertake hot water extraction, better known as steam cleaning. This is done with the aid of a portable truck mounted system that serves various purposes and some specialized chemicals that get the stubborn stains right out of your rugs.

3.    Getting it Dry

After the steaming, the rugs are dried using a speed dry system that gets them dry in a jiffy. Make sure that you only trust thorough professionals with this task, because you need trained technicians to handle the chemicals and do the task efficiently.

4.    Grooming

The final step in the process is grooming which is crucial, as this is when some protector applications are used on your carpets to ensure that they remain pristine. Moreover, this is when the trampled bits of yarn are lifted so that the deeply embedded dirt shakes loose and can be swept away.

Going in for such cleansing every twelve months protects your family from dust allergies and gives your carpets a pristine look.

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