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The Process Involved In Water Restoration

Posted on 4:14 am by IRCS

Water restoration is the process of restoring a property which is damaged through prolonged contact or effects of water and taking it back to its pre-loss condition. Let’s take a look at briefly at the steps involved in the process of water restoration.

Evaluating the damage:

When you hire a professional water restoration service, the first phase will be evaluating and documenting the materials which are affected by water and determining the value of overall damage. The assessment is done through inspection of the affected area by means of water sensing equipment to assess the extent of penetration of the damage. After this the restoration service takes place, the affected areas of the house is first dried and sanitized. Now follows the deodorization process of all the affected areas in the building structure and materials affected. The next process includes equipment such as air movers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, wood floor drying systems, and sub floor drying equipment using which the structure is treated and left to dry for two to three days. After the designated drying period the building structure is checked for any inconsistencies or blemishes to be perfected.

Observation and supervision phase:

Being thorough during the initial stages can be a big help in later stages of restoration. Monitoring the process strictly is a must to achieve top notch results. Few basic things that need supervision can be checking if drying equipment is set up correctly and if machines in good working condition for maximum output.

Intermediate and Completion stages:

Factors such as temperature, humidity play a crucial role in the drying and setting of the structure that is fixed. Once all the necessary steps are taken a final inspection completes the process.

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