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What to do after a fire or smoke damage at your home…

Posted on 9:09 pm by indiana_restoration

If a fire strikes your home, you need an expert to assess the home’s damage and provide the necessary services to repair your home’s structure as well as to safeguard and restore you personal belongings. At Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services, we offer a full spectrum of services needed to get the job done right and have your home restored to its pre-loss condition. The following is a list of services Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services provides:


Board up
We utilize our knowledge and experience to temporarily secure your home after a fire. We respond immediately and assess the damage. Our team will secure your home the best way possible without causing further damage. The most important part of this process is the communication with you, our customer, to fully understand your concerns and address them.

Debris Removal
Removing debris from the site of a fire is sometimes necessary to expedite the process of removing personal property. Debris removal is also necessary to help with the safety of our customers and our workers. Removing burned building materials and broken glass from the lawn decreases the risk of injury.

Temporary Repairs
Temporary repairs include covering your roof with a tarp to establishing temporary electricity to your home and everything in between. Our goal is always to discuss your concerns, establish your needs and address them both.

Contents Restoration / Secure Storage
Damage to your personal property can often be emotional. At Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services and Cleaning services we pride ourselves in caring for all of your personal belongings as if they were our own. In many cases we can clean and restore your property at your home. In the event that your home has significant damage and your personal property must be removed, we carefully pack your personal property and move it to our secure facility for processing and cleaning. After it has been fully cleaned and deodorized it is safely stored at our facility where it awaits delivery back to your home following successful repairs and restoration.

Structural Drying
Unfortunately, the act of extinguishing a fire usually dictates that safety professionals employ a significant amount of water that stays in the home. If not addressed, the water used to extinguish the fire can add to the damage caused by the fire or smoke. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services will partner with you to make sure all facets of the restoration process are looked after. Read more about water services

Repair and Rebuild
In most cases, fire and smoke damage can cause significant damage to drywall, floors and even mechanical systems in the home. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services is a full service restoration contractor and we can repair your home from a fire and smoke damage incident to its pre-loss condition. We have the experience and knowledge in working with your insurance company to ensure your investment is restored with top quality building materials and craftsmanship. Read more about our repair services

Cleaning and Deodorization
Different types of fires require different types of products and procedures. For example, protein fires are different than electrical fires and must be addressed differently. We are qualified, trained, experienced and ready to help you get your life back to normal by thoroughly cleaning and deodorizing your home after a fire or smoke loss. We employ the best products and technology in the industry to address the even the most difficult fire/smoke odors. Every project comes with a 100% odor free guarantee.

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