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What to do when your home has been damaged by Storms, Hail, Wind or Sever Weather

Posted on 1:47 pm by IRCS

Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services

If you have ever experienced storm damage due to wind, hail, fallen tree limbs or lightning, you know that it can be a frightening experience. At Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services and Cleaning services, we have helped customers repair and mitigate any damage due to this unexpected severe weather event. The following is a guide for what you can do in the event that severe weather strikes your home or business:

First, protect your home from further damage by covering broken windows and damaged rooftops. Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services can help you cover damaged portions of your roof and home that are exposed to the elements and susceptible to further damage.

Contact your insurance company. They may be getting a lot of calls, so be patient with them but be sure to get your name on the list. In large hail storms, it is not uncommon for it to take an adjuster two weeks or longer to get out to your roof due to their call volume.

Contact Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services for an evaluation of your property regardless of whether you suspect there is damage to your home or not. As an experienced contractor, we can help you determine if there is damage to your home that would warrant filing a claim with your insurance provider. If there is evidence of hail and/or storm-related damage, we will provide proof of damage to you and your insurance provider.

If you need to make temporary repairs to your home, be sure to keep the receipts of any materials or services that you purchase to make these repairs so your insurance adjuster can review them and reimburse you for expenses covered by your policy.

If any personal property has been damaged, keep the damaged property for inspection purposes for the insurance company to determine the cause of loss. Make a detailed list of all damaged items and submit it to your agent as soon as possible to speed the processing of your claim. The list should include complete descriptions of each item, brand names, model numbers, serial numbers, age of item, place of purchase, purchase price, and current value.

You may be entitled to temporary living expenses and housing if your home is considered uninhabitable due to a covered claim.

After you have reported your claim, a claim representative/adjuster will contact you within a few days to schedule an inspection of your house. Keep in mind that claim representatives generally visit the most severely damaged homes first. If there is extensive damage in your area, it may take time for your adjuster to contact you. State law allows the homeowner to select the contractor of their choice. You have the right by law to have your contractor meet with your insurance adjuster. Do not allow your insurance adjuster to convince you otherwise as this may not be in your best interest.

Once your claim representative contacts you to schedule a date for a damage inspection, call Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services and we will work alongside the adjuster. Together we will assess the damage, determine work and materials needed for repair, and prepare a mutually agreed upon estimate for the products and services needed.

We will work with you to finalize the scope and details of the claim and to select materials. Once the work is approved, we schedule the work to begin as soon as possible.

When an emergency, such as a storm, flood or fire affect your home, consult with a professional company that can respond quickly, efficiently and with the expertise of over 20 years in the industry. We partner with you as our customer and your insurance company and help to restore or repair your home to its original condition. Call on Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services & Cleaning Services today… a company you can trust! 317-776-9942

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